AutoPreme KickStarter

We officially launched our Kickstarter Campaign on May 24, 2016 with a goal of $50,000. After a long month and a half we were able to surpass our goal and successfully fund our campaign on July 3, 2016 with $82,336.

Reasons for KickStarter:

After launching and testing out the AutoPreme Floor Mats in the market during our initial launch, we have received a lot of great constructive feedback. After much consideration, we believed that a crowdfunding campaign was the best way to expand the Autopreme team and provide better service for future customers. The money we raised will go towards adding new custom elements like new color stitchings and heel pads. Most importantly however, the money will allow us to increase our variety of molds. We will make mats for cars we currently do not have, aiming to provide mats for those of you who have been waiting. We thank you for your support and patience.