Waterproof or Water Resistant?
AutoPreme waterproof PremeLeather allows you to use the mats in any weather condition such as heavy rain or snow.
How do they hold during the winter?
AutoPreme PremeLeather’s oil resistant, scratchproof and acid proof ability allows you to use the mats in areas with harsh winters and salted roads.
We are currently offering free shipping for all US orders. It takes 1-3 days to process and create your custom mats. They are then delivered to you within 3-6 business days. Shipping to Canada is additional $49.99.
How to fix any creases?
First and foremost, we want to inform you that creases are not a manufacturing defect or a result of shipping damage. Creases happen because we ship our mats in relatively smaller packages, in order to keep the cost of shipping for our customer’s low. The base of our AutoPreme floor mats are made with memory-molding materials, and after exposing the floor mats to direct sunlight for a couple of hours, they will recover to their original shape.
At AutoPreme, we have created and found the perfect balance between the resources and technology. With this in mind, we refuse to use genuine leather as our primary materials. Genuine leather does not fit the vision we at AutoPreme have. We strive to be an environmental friendly company and take the social responsibility of caring for the wild. Another point to mention is that , genuine leather products are particularly difficult to maintain and inevitably break down, even with the correct maintenance. Lastly, less consumers will be able to experience our amazing products because of the significant higher costs of raw materials.

After our intensive research and testing with multiple types of material we developed a material called PremeLeather. The anti scratch and waterproof capability allows for regular used, even in areas with harsh conditions. The oil resistant and acid proof ability minimizes the worry about the maintenance. PremeLeather is considerably more durable and stronger. On top of all this, we are passionate towards the responsibility of saving our environment and natural resources and are proud to to announce our sponsorship for the World Wildlife Fund. For every AutoPreme floor mat order, we will donate $5 back to the World Wildlife Fund. Learn more at www.worldwildlife.org.

What’s the heel grip pad and what’s it for?
We created the metal heel grip for numerous reasons.The heel grip pad allows people to become recognized with their “comfortable spot” while driving. By having a heel grip pad,  it even prevents indents from appearing.

Another reason the metal heel grip is there is to help to help females who wear heels often. This keeps their feet in place and protect the floor mats. There are also rubber nibs covering the heel grip.

Floor mat colors?
Currently the colors offered on the website are the only colors available. The colors we have chosen were not chosen to match one specific car's interior color. After researching and working with multiple designers we decided on these 4 colors. The four colors available allows for a middle ground between colors without disrupting the seamless feeling. Even though, there may be a slight color difference, we can assure the floor mats will fit well with a wide range of colors.
Why is my car not listed?
For unlisted cars, please send us an email at autopreme@autopreme.com regarding the year, brand and model of your car. We are constantly adding new molds for our customers upon request. Being a supreme car accessory company, we are delivering our AutoPreme products exclusively to certain cars.
How do I clean it?
AutoPreme floor mats takes minimal effort when it comes to cleaning. The easiest and most efficient method is to use a wet towel and wipe away. Our products do not require any additional protective products.
Can I change the stitching style and color?
Currently we are only offering the diamond style stitching. The standard stitching color is a yellowish gold which allows for a luxurious feeling. The red stitching in only an option for the Obsidian mats, allowing for a sporty look.
Why do you guys have so many cars listed online even though you don’t have all of them?
We are running an opt-out system for the car model directory. We want to figure out which models have the most requests, this will help us decide which models to add next. 75% of the models in our directory list are available.
How do I know the mats will fit perfectly in my car?
We have specialized technicians that out to measure each individual car with precise laser measurements. We then develop multiple prototypes and adjust our molds to make sure our AutoPreme floor mats fit perfectly.
Tracking number information?
We will send you your tracking information as soon as your order is developed and shipped.
Car accessory company with only one product?
We are a brand new startup company and plan to expand and introduce a multitude of products. Sign up for our email list for constant updates.
What's the difference between plus and premium?
The Premium and Premium Plus are very similar, except for the fact that the Premium Plus includes the detachable looped rubber mats which adds style and makes cleaning easier for heavy duty applications. We especially recommend customers from areas rains or snows often.
Right Hand Drive/RHD?
Currently we are not offering RHD, we plan to add them in the future.
What do I do if I don’t like the product?
We custom make each one rather than stock them so if you are not 100% please think twice. We will only refund or fix the mats if it is a manufacturing problem.
3rd row?
Currently, we are only focusing on the just the front and second row. We plan to add the 3rd row option in the near future.
How do we install it?
Installation is a very quick and easy process. AutoPreme floor mats are already customized made, so all you have to do is put the floor mats in and adjust the pieces along the contours. The AutoPreme locking mechanism and clips work together to secure the sides and fit perfectly.
How does the clipping work?
The package will include AutoPreme clips that help secure the sides of your interior.

*There will be extra AutoPreme clips, is it not necessary to use all of them

Can we take the heel grip off?
Yes, when ordering please specify whether you would like your mats made with or without the heel grip.
Is the cost different for certain cars?
No, although every single car is different regarding their size and dimensions, we offer the same price for all mats.