Affiliate Program

Become our affiliate and promote the most premium car floor mats available on the market today!

The AutoPreme affiliate program provides you with banners, text links, and anything else you need to help you succeed.

Our program boasts some of the highest payouts in the auto accessories space with a tiered commission structure based on monthly sales:

$0-$1,500 Sales/Month: 7%

$1,500-$3,500 Sales/Month: 8%

$3,500-$6,000 Sales/Month: 9%

$6,000-$9,000 Sales/Month: 10%

$9,000-$12,000 Sales/Month: 11%

$12,000-$15,000 Sales/Month: 13%

$15,000+ Sales/Month: 15%

Our default cookie length is 60 days, which means that you get paid within 60 days of being the last to touch a prospective customer.

Email us at with any questions or support requests regarding our affiliate program.



  • How to Start?

    First, join our affiliate program. It is 100% free. Once you get approved, you will get access to banners and links to use on your website. Every time a customer that you refer purchases from us, you will receive a payout from us. The more you sell, the more earn from each sale!

  • How Are Referrals Tracked?

    AutoPreme partnered with ShareASale affiliate network to handle our affiliate program’s tracking, reporting, and affiliate payments. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to login into your ShareASale affiliate account and check your performance and earnings there. It is also on ShareASale that you will be able to access our promos, text links, banners, and other helpful resources.

  • What Works Best?

    Our most successful affiliate partners write product reviews and other unique content to help promote and advertise AutoPreme floor mats online.

  • Is Product “Sampling” Available?

    We are always looking for fresh voices to review our product. If your online efforts cater to the audience(s) who may be interested in our product, do contact us with details. We are always open to providing online influencers with free floor mats for review of their experiences in front of their audiences.