About Us

AutoPreme is a car accessory company based in Los Angeles, California. We are a team of car enthusiasts/students from the University of Southern California on a mission to disrupt the current auto accessory industry by bringing elegance to the little details. 

In an industry that is filled with sub-par products with no physical appeal, AutoPreme comes in to change the game. The car accessory business is dominated by a select few companies, who all produce similarly styled accessories. AutoPreme is here to give consumers a real choice when shopping for car accessories. 

Rather than using genuine leather, we strive to be an environmental friendly company by caring for wilderness. To take on this social responsibility, we have developed a material called PremeLeather which is not only anti scratch, acid proof, oil resistant, but also waterproof. On top of all this, we are passionate towards the responsibility of saving our environment and natural resources and are proud to announce our sponsorship for the WWF. For every AutoPreme floor mat order, we will donate $5 back to the World Wildlife Fund.

Just take a look at our products. They speak for themselves.

Luxurious. Supreme-Quailty. Affordable.


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